Nancy Pelosi flew to Taiwan on August 2, 2022: video, latest news

US Congress Speaker Nancy Pelosi

US Congress Speaker Nancy Pelosi

A photo: REUTERS

It seemed that nothing could distract the world from the Ukrainian crisis. But President Joe Biden and his colleagues in the US Democratic Party succeeded. In the midst of an energy crisis and a recession in the US economy, Congress Speaker Nancy Pelosi went on an official visit to Taiwan.

The problem is that this territory is a kind of “Chinese Ukraine”: in 1949, local nationalists, who lost in the civil war to the communists, fled to this island, where, under the protection of the American fleet, they began to build their own state.

Airplane carrying Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi arrives in Taipei

Airplane carrying Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi arrives in Taipei

A photo: REUTERS

At the same time, almost the entire world (including Russia and, suddenly, the United States) adheres to the “one China doctrine.” That is, officially considers the rebellious island part of China. But relations between Washington and Beijing in recent years have become almost worse than with Moscow. The reason is banal numbers: due to the growth of China, America has ceased to be the No. 1 economy. And then, logically, after the loss of economic hegemony, political hegemony will inevitably come to naught. However, the transformation of the unipolar world into a multipolar one (which is exactly what Russia and China stand for) will mean the final end for the Washington elite.

Therefore, in the “month of disasters” (August), the Americans begin a spectacular provocation. Nancy Pelosi’s plane, having visited a couple more East Asian allies of the United States along the way, is approaching the capital of Taiwan – Taipei. And here Beijing is offered a fork of two equally bad options. Or keep silent – in fact, recognizing that “Kitaev two” and Taiwan can communicate with the enemies of the PRC, as it pleases.

Or go for an aggravation with a weakening, but still a nuclear power. Which is already fraught with the Third World War. For a while, it seemed that China had chosen this path. Beijing patriotic newspapers – albeit referring not to officials, but to “independent experts”, but the hint is clear – wrote that “Pelosi’s plane will be shot down when trying to fly up to Taiwan.” And indeed, the fleet and aviation under red flags advanced to the rebellious island.

The stakes have skyrocketed. Why the Americans need such a game on the verge of a foul is understandable. Thus, a clear signal is sent to the whole world (and to the thinning allies of the United States): yes, in 2021 we left Afghanistan, in 2022 we allowed heavy defeats for Ukraine on the battlefield, although earlier we “gave guarantees of assistance” to both Kyiv and Kabul. But now, against all odds, we have broken into Taipei and are showing that we “do not give up our own,” and the United States is still the No. 1 power.

And now – at 17:45 Moscow time (and late in the evening local time) – the landing gear of Pelosi’s plane still touched the Taiwanese airfield.

In the local parliament – where the 82-year-old American was going on an official visit – they laid out the red carpet. The newspapers were sarcastic: “The Pelosi team will be accommodated in 48 rooms of the ultra-expensive Grand Hyatt hotel in Taipei” (it is clear that at the expense of taxpayers, the only question is American or Taiwanese). However, not everyone was happy about the arrival of the speaker of Congress – in Taipei, there were demonstrations of supporters of friendship with China (and opponents of rapprochement with the United States) – however, not many.

In parallel – again, according to obscure local media reports – Chinese fighter jets crossed the unofficial border – the median line in the Taiwan Strait between the island and the mainland. However, the penetration of PRC combat vehicles into the airspace of Taiwan has regularly happened before.

But if someone expected World War III – then bloodthirsty hopes did not materialize. China limited itself to diplomatic protests. And he also banned the import of Taiwanese products – sweets and bread (no joke).

But the Americans decided to sweeten the pill. Pelosi said that her visit to Taiwan, of course, supports “Taiwanese democracy”, but does not change US policy towards the island in any way (that is, de jure Washington still advocates the “one China principle”).

“We will take all measures to protect sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry warned menacingly, however, as practice shows, such statements alone, without real measures, evoke only jokes about the “last Chinese warning” in response.

Of course, there is always the option to “make a sequel” to a successful political thriller – after all, Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan will continue tomorrow. But, apparently, both sides, flexing their muscles, decided not to escalate. At least at the time of this writing.


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