Named the main reasons for the increase in the number of accidents in the summer

In the Moscow region, 359 cases were recorded in June 2022 alone traffic accidents. This is more than for any other month of the current year.Vesti Podmoskovye”.

In an interview with the publication, experts named common causes of accidents during a hot period. One of the most frequent accidents is the exit from country roads. As a rule, such accidents occur due to violation of the speed limit.

“The higher the speed, the more likely it is that the driver will not notice an obstacle on the road in time,” said the director of the traffic safety and analytics department of MVS Group. Alexander Dombrovsky.

Another reason for the seasonal increase in road accidents is a slow response, fatigue due to the heat, and the lack of eye protection from bright light at hand.

In addition, the publication reminds that summer is a time for relaxation and picnics, so there are sometimes drivers on the roads who decide to drive while intoxicated. Often they become the culprits of accidents.

According to the General Director of the Union for Road Safety Svetlana Zabolotskaya, in the places of installation of complexes for photo-video fixation of traffic violations, the number of traffic accidents is reduced. She stressed that since the introduction of these systems, the number of accidents in the Moscow region has decreased by more than 30 percent.

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