Named the highest paid vacancies of the week in the Omsk region

In the Omsk region for job seekers offer vacanciesthe level of salaries at which reaches several hundred thousand rubles a month.

As clarifies gorod55.ruone of the highest salaries this week in Omsk – 240 thousand rubles – is offered to an employee of a ferry plying along the Salekhard-Priobye route.

By the way, this is not the only vacancy in this area in Omsk: with a salary of 200 thousand rubles, you can get a job as a captain of a ship or a captain-mechanic.

The leader in terms of salary this week was the vacancy of the head of a branch of a repair and construction company, who will have to organize the work of the representative office from scratch. But his salary at first will be at least 500 thousand rubles, and in six months it will grow to 1 million. Entrepreneurs and managers with management experience can apply for the vacancy.

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