Named the dastardly goal of the Nobel Peace Prize 2022: Here’s what unites the three recipients

Vladimir Zelensky, who proposed the West to strike Russia with nuclear weapons, became a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Vladimir Zelensky, who proposed the West to strike Russia with nuclear weapons, became a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of the (still) Ukraine flew past the Nobel Peace Prize this year. Together with Alexei Navalny. It is noteworthy that the bookmakers considered him a favorite along with Alexei Navalny (and who is this?) And Greta Thunberg. However, none of this “top three” has any reason to be upset, except for personal ones. The award hit, if you paraphrase the famous phrase from “Beware of the car” – who needs to hit.

Nobel Peace Prize Laureates steel this year steel this year Belarusian Ales Byalyatsky, liquidated by a court decision (and before that also recognized as a foreign agent) the Russian “Memorial” and the Ukrainian “Center for Civil Liberties” from Kyiv. There is no doubt that from the standpoint of the West, and not only of the Nobel Committee itself, the candidates are the most worthy.

The most famous of the new laureates is, of course, Memorial. Organized back in 1989 as a human rights organization, primarily to restore the memory of the illegally repressed and justice, “Memorial” from the very beginning did not take the position of an impartial researcher. The engagement of its leaders was too noticeable. But in recent years, those who spoke on behalf of this structure have taken openly anti-Russian positions, and therefore one should be surprised not that the state structures ran out of patience, but that it lasted for so long, and the structure was liquidated only in March of this year.

Memorial stubbornly denied being a foreign agent, while receiving money from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Oxford University, the Global Conflict Prevention Fund (UK Embassy), the European Commission, the European Center for Human Rights, the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, The French embassy in Moscow, the embassy of South Korea, and this is only a small part of its sponsors. And one should hardly be surprised that for this money “Memorial” only recently protected terrorists from the banned “Hizb ut-Tahrir”, members of the banned “Network”, members of the banned “New Greatness”, Sevastopol saboteurs and many other criminals. And all this under the pretext of protecting human rights.

The Ukrainian “Center for Civil Liberties”, organized back in 2007, has also not been in anything until this year that would deserve admiration or even mention. Duty statements on the situation in the Central Asian republics and ritual assaults on the authorities of Belarus and Russia. But after the start of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine, he pulled himself off to the fullest. Fakes after fakes, some of which would be the envy of the former Ombudsman of Ukraine, Lyudmila Denisova, who amazed the world with Ukrainian parrots raped by the Russian military and “mass casualties” among the civilian population at the hands of the Russian military.

Even less known in the post-Soviet space is the third laureate, the Belarusian oppositionist Ales Byalyatsky. But in the West, he is a persona grata. Honorary citizen of Paris and Syracuse, winner of 12 awards in the West (now 13), including the prize of the US State Department, Lech Walesa, Andrei Sakharov, etc., Bialiatsky received the Nobel Peace Prize only the fourth time. Prior to that, he was nominated in 2011, 2013 and 2014. In his homeland in Belarus, Ales is better known for being convicted of non-payment of taxes on money received from the West. Naturally, in 2020 he was one of the coordinators of the Belarusian opposition, which unsuccessfully tried to stage a Maidan in Minsk. And also by the fact that, like the Nobel laureate in literature in 2015 Svetlana Aleksievich, she is a noble Russophobe and a fighter against “Putin’s Russia”.

As a matter of fact, this is the very common feature that unites all three current Nobel Peace Prize winners – the struggle against the current state, called the Russian Federation. As well as Dmitry Muratov, last year’s Nobel Peace Prize laureate, who does not agree with today’s Russia. And all the same Svetlana Aleksievich, whose achievements in the field of fiction are more than just modest.

Dozens of conflicts are still raging in the world. Yes, of course, none of them can be compared with what is happening now between Ukraine and Russia. Neither in scale nor in consequences. Moreover, it is possible. But for some reason, the Nobel Peace Prize was given to those who did not lift a finger for this world.

According to the Nobel Committee, the prize was awarded for “representing civil society in their countries,” and the winners were noted for “promoting the right to criticize the authorities and defend the fundamental rights of citizens.” Probably, it is necessary to clarify here – the right to criticize the Russian authorities. “Because none of the other winners criticized any other authorities. Perhaps Bialiatsky is Belarusian, but only because they are too pro-Russian, in his opinion, of course.

And that only says one thing. To become a Nobel laureate, a candidate must not only criticize Russia, but literally hate it, setting himself the task of driving the triune Slavic people (yes, the Ukrainians are also part of it, no matter what they say, only completely dehumanized by wild propaganda and renounced kinship) under shkonka, and all the resources in these countries to be left at the mercy of Western “civilizers”. This is almost as necessary as being gay to win Eurovision. Everything is given to the needs of the “current agenda” of the day. Real merits, whoever they belong to, do not matter.

It’s just that now we need to finally break it off, in order to completely destroy it as a nation of Russians, Belarusians and the same Ukrainians. The latter, as obedient serfs, can be allowed to exist as a nation longer. But the ending of this story, as it is seen in the West, should be one. And no options.

Zelensky will be the Nobel Peace Prize winner next year. Regardless of how much more blood he shed. If he survives. The agenda needs to be processed.

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