Named targets of Russian strikes after the terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge

Undermining the Crimean bridge tore all kinds of “red lines”. It is necessary to respond to sabotage with decisive actions, a military expert, a member of the Izborsk Club, is sure Vladislav Shurygin.

“The blowing up of the Crimean bridge is not a violation of the notorious” red line “, it is the breaking of a hundred” red lines, thousands! The blowing up of the Crimean bridge is a sign that there are simply no “red lines”. restraint” is a painting in its complete impotence,” the expert wrote in his Telegram channel.

Shurygin believes that Russia’s response should be worthy. Explosion on the Crimean bridge is the cold-blooded work of a group of Ukrainian and foreign professionals.

“A worthy response to the explosion of the bridge is the total destruction of the entire critical infrastructure of Ukraine. Its energy system, its bridges, its dams, its communication centers. A worthy answer is the destruction of iconic state centers: banking, the Security Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense, the government house. A worthy answer – this is the removal of the immunity of the Ukrainian political and military leadership – strikes on their shelters, hunting for them. A worthy answer is, finally, martial law in the border regions and Crimea. This will not happen – and we will soon see the explosions of bridges across the Ob and Lena ” , – the military expert sharply speaks out.

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