“My own daughter did not recognize me”: Shocking facts and best quotes by Yuri Shatunov

Yura Shatunov soared to unattainable heights at a very young age

Yura Shatunov soared to unattainable heights at a very young age


He started collecting “Olympic” before it became mainstream. The country’s most popular orphan, Yura Shatunov, soared to unattainable heights at a very young age – the number of Tender May fans, according to Central Television estimates, numbered more than 16 million people in the early 90s – and seemed to remain in it forever. But no. The artist, who recently lived in Germany, was preparing to celebrate 48 years in September, but did not have time: his heart was stopped by a heart attack. “KP” presents some quotes * Shatunov, exhaustively reflecting the difficult inner state of the musician.


“I was so immersed in the working and creative process that one day, after returning from a tour, I went into the house and my own daughter did not recognize me: “Mom, what kind of uncle came into our house?”. This stumped me. I realized that I was spending too much time away from home. It seems like there is a dad and at the same time there is no dad. Therefore, I had to take a huge (by artistic standards) pause of 1.5 years. I dedicated this time to the children so that they know that they still have a father, and not some ephemeral creature who comes to spend the night. That’s why I didn’t tour for a long time.”


Why did I come back [после длительной творческой паузы]? I am a creative person, I am very interested in making music, working with arrangers, composers – this is my world. Besides, my fans never forgot me. And now they write a lot, call, dump information on the Internet. A lot of interesting offers come from different people. Fan clubs send me their newspapers with all kinds of material. So I’m still needed.”


“Do the songs reflect my inner world? Oh sure. For example, the first album was recorded in an orphanage, and that says it all. Everything that I lived, everything that was accumulated in my heart, I expressed in my songs. Perhaps sometimes some of them even turned out to be compassionate. But my new album is recorded in a completely different style. Under it, you can dance, and have fun, and be a little sad.


“For me, everything is based on allegories, believe me. It’s just that no one has ever seriously thought about these texts, they are considered banal. But it’s not that it’s pop music, it can be different. For me, these songs are much more than just lyrics. They are autobiographical and not as simple as they seem. They are simply told in accessible words that are used in everyday life by many people.


“Yes, we have such a country, well, what could be done? It was impossible to drive into every fan’s head that this is the left “Tender May”, or that this is the left Yura Shatunov. Impossible! There was a case: the guys call from Ivanovo, they say that a dude comes out there, introduces himself as me and sings my tracks. Moreover, my arranger calls, with whom I have been working for 10 years, and asks, they say, maybe he should be stuffed in the face? I say: guys, decide for yourself, I’m far away and, by and large, I don’t care.


“Like in all Russian families, we celebrate the New Year cheerfully: with a Christmas tree and preferably with Santa Claus. We watch TV, drunk to the point of unconsciousness (laughs). There is a tradition in our family: I don’t work on New Year’s Eve. I think that the New Year is the only holiday on which you need to do without performances. Children want to see their parents together. Most of the time I’m on the road, on tour, I miss almost all family holidays. Therefore, at least once a year, you should be with your family.”


“I can’t associate myself with him, because, firstly, he is of a different generation with different feelings. And most importantly, probably that he is a blogger, and I am a singer. Every generation has its own heroes. Time will tell; God forbid, if he succeeds for as long as I can hold out and be in demand, loved. And I’ll just tip my hat to him.”

* Compiled based on materials from the publications KP, Interlocutor, Who is in charge, Starhit, VGTRK Orenburg, etc.

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