Musk will send humans to Mars by the end of this decade

Creator of the aerospace company SpaceX, American billionaire Elon Musk at the Financial Times conference, he said that he expects to soon implement an unmanned flight of the Starship launch vehicle to Mars.

“I think we might be able to launch an unmanned [миссию] Starship to Mars in 3-5 years,” he said.

It is noted that if successful, a mission with a crew will go to Mars by the end of the decade.

As Musk noted, launch “windows” for a Mars mission open every two years, and the opportunity to fly from Earth orbit to Mars orbit, with the right arrangement of the planets relative to each other, opens every 26 months.

The head of SpaceX stressed that the first launch of the Starship rocket will take place in two or three months.

Recall that in the long term, Mask – by 2050 to build an autonomous settlementwhich will not depend on terrestrial resources.

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