Music critic about the death of Boris Moiseev: “He struck me with energy and charisma”

Musical critic Evgeny Babichev in an interview with Pravda.Ru named the deceased Boris Moiseev artist with a capital letter.

Babichev noted that Boris Moiseev’s vocal abilities were “rather narrow”, but this was offset by the energy and charisma of the artist.

“He made up for the lack of vocal talent with great inner strength,” the music critic noted.

A connoisseur of Russian musical culture said that due to Moiseev’s illness in 2010, the stage of the Russian Federation lost a lot, as the artist was full of creative plans.

“He liked to surprise, somewhere even on the verge of shocking, some kind of scandal, constantly demonstrating himself. And, in principle, he understood that the return from the public, from the audience is excellent,” Babichev expressed his point of view.

The music critic said that Boris Moiseev was easy-going and willingly responded to an invitation to take part in projects that were of interest to him.

“I was struck by the fact that after the first stroke in 2012, he found the strength in himself and made such a mini-tour. He first visited the Slavic Bazaar, then the Crimea Music Fest. Then there was such a festival by Rotaru and Pugacheva, a joint project in Crimea “, Babichev recalled.

Formerly singer Vyacheslav Malezhik spoke out about death Boris Moiseev.

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