Muscovites mobilized given personal weapons

In one of the Guards tank divisions of the Moscow region, the mobilized residents of the capital region were solemnly presented with personal small arms.

“During the ceremony, each serviceman who rejoined the ranks was given a personal weapon in accordance with his position. In the near future, the mobilized citizens will start training in firearms, tactical and special training at one of the military training grounds of the district,” the Russian Defense Ministry commented.

“At one time they took an oath that the Motherland must be defended. People need our help, but we don’t leave our own in trouble, ”reserve sergeant Ilya Sergeenko told reporters on the territory of the Frunzensky District Military Commissariat of St. Petersburg.

There was also a solemn sending of citizens for retraining in their military specialties as part of partial mobilization.

“In the course of the briefing before being sent to the military registration and enlistment office, citizens were provided with information about which educational unit they were sent to, the terms of retraining, and answers were given to questions of interest,” the Russian Defense Ministry commented on the staff.

Volunteers and mobilized citizens continue to arrive at the military registration and enlistment offices of the Kaliningrad region.

“Most citizens arrive on their own, without waiting for summonses. Employees of the military registration and enlistment office clarify the data on citizens, conduct conversations with them and a number of other events, ”the military department notes.

Priority is given to citizens with suitable military registration specialties. Military registration and enlistment offices are interested in shooters, tankmen, artillerymen, drivers, driver-mechanics. Also in reserve officers who have combat experience.

The Russian Defense Ministry emphasizes that, upon arrival at the training units, military personnel are provided with clothing at the personnel changing points. Then they will have to undergo combat training, after which they will be sent to replenish military units and subunits.

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