Municipality of Lima announces that the entrance fee to the SJL pool returned to S/3.50

Huiracocha Zonal Park Pool in SJL
Huiracocha Zonal Park Pool in SJL

Last Thursday, January 12, the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima (mml) released good news for the residents of Saint John of Lurigancho. The municipality reached an agreement so that the pzonal arch Huiracocha charge the entrance to your pool with the previous price, that is, at S/3.50.

The mml He gave this announcement through his social networks and as he explained, it was thanks to a negotiation between the mayor Rafael Lopez Aliaga and the dealer Peru Festivalwhose entity had full administration of the pool, so the entrance price had come to cost S/20.00 per child and S/25.00 per adult.

Thus, the entrance to the municipal pool will cost S/3.50 from Monday to Friday and S/4.00 on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. In turn, the commune specified that the entrance to the park has an additional cost of S/4.00 soles for minors and adults every day of the week.

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With this information it is highlighted that, if an adult wishes to enter the pool, they must pay the entrance to the park and the cost of the pool; in total eight soles. The Lima municipality reported that these new prices will take effect from this Friday, January 13.

Regarding why the price of admission to the municipal recreation center varied, it was learned that it was because on December 17, 2022, the pool management passed into the hands of Peru Summer Fest, until March 19. After the negotiation with López Aliaga, the consortium only manages half of the park.

It is worth mentioning that, so far, the details of the conversation and negotiation between the mayor of Lima and the aforementioned consortium are unknown.

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Huiracocha Zonal Park Pool in SJL
Huiracocha Zonal Park Pool in SJL

The pool and the attractions of Peru Fest are located in the half of Huiracocha park (which is divided into two areas), whose entrance is through door No. 2. Meanwhile, the entrance to the other half of the park, which is still managed by Serpar, it is through door No. 1 and the entrance fee is S/3.00, from Monday to Saturday and S/4.00 on Saturdays and Sundays. Here you can take a boat ride through the lagoon and horseback, but you must pay an additional amount of five soles for each activity, according to the information collected by the newspaper ‘La República’ in dialogue with Miguel Castro, spokesman for the mentioned company.


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