Munchkin cats: features of the breed, character

Munchkin is a rare cat breed that is not common in our country.

The breed became known in 1983 in America, when Sandra Hotchenedel took home a cat with short legs. Initially, the girl thought that the cat was sick because of her appearance. When the cat dipped, she brought the same kittens, they were healthy, they felt good. The breed was named Munchkin.

It is worth saying that the breed did not appear due to selection, but due to mutation. The breed was officially recognized in 1991, the name of the cat was taken from the book “The Wizard of Oz”. This name was given to little men living in the Blue Country. Thanks to the Munchkin, breeds such as:

  • Napoleon,
  • Bambino and others.

The cat gained popularity when it appeared on the cover of the World Street Journal in 1995. The Munchkin appeared in Russia in 2001.

Features of Munchkin cats

  • The cat is miniature, considered the smallest breed on the planet, weighing from two to four kilograms.
  • cat head wedge-shaped with a flat forehead, she has cheekbones that are more prominent in males.
  • cat ears widely spread, they are small, tapering at the tips, sometimes there are tassels.
  • Eyes are almond shaped.
  • neck munchkin short and strong. Wool is both long and short.
  • Paws of the breed have a different classification, they are short, standard and extremely short.

The cats are friendly and have a good temperament. They get along well with their owners and children. They love to play with the latter. The cat gets along well with people and other animals.

Munchkin cats

  • love to explore the world
  • run fast,
  • stomp loudly.

A cat can be compared to a ferret because both are fast. It is worth noting that the cat does not spoil things in the house.

Munchkin feels the mood of the owner, the cat is able to repeat the habits of the owner. A cat of this breed loves to walk on a leash and travel. Do not be afraid to take the cat with you on trips, because he tolerates moving well, he gets used to a new place quickly.

A distinctive feature of a cat is that it can sit on its hind legs for a long time, leaning on its tail, folding its front legs, which makes it look like a kangaroo.

The cat likes to hide small things, so we advise you to put them away. For a pet, you will need to buy a special house so that she can equip it.

Nutrition for Machkin cats

This breed loves to eat, so sometimes a cat has problems with being overweight. Buy high-quality cat food with a lot of meat, avoid preservatives in the food. Feed her:

  • beef,
  • turkey,
  • liver.

Avoid smoked meats. Always pour fresh water.

Author Zlata Kuznetsova

Zlata Kuznetsova – journalist, philologist, freelance correspondent for Pravda.Ru

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