MP Popov condemned calls to close borders for conscripts: it is unnecessary and harmful

MP Evgeny Popov commented on the proposal close the borders of the Russian Federation for citizens of military age.

According to the parliamentarian, such an idea is unnecessary and even harmful, there is no need for it, because the first wave of partial mobilization in most Russian regions has already ended, and there is no talk of further appeals yet. Ideas about closing the borders are sowing panic in the already alarmed Russian society, the deputy is sure.

“There is no need to raise anxiety in an already troubled society. As we can see, mobilization activities in many regions have already been completed. We very much hope that in the near future those shortcomings and illegal actions that military commissars allow themselves on the ground will be eliminated. In connection with By this I consider calls for the closure of borders unnecessary, moreover, I consider them harmful. Our people have the right to move around as they please, “Popov said in a conversation with RIA Novosti.

The parliamentarian stressed that so far there have been no statements about new waves of partial mobilization from the authorities, and it is generally not known whether there will be more new calls. Popov expressed the hope that the mobilization campaign would be completed throughout Russia in the very near future.

September 26 Senator Sergei Tsekov made a proposal to close the borders for Russians of military age, as well as to increase the fine for attempts to refuse to receive a summons to 50 thousand rubles instead of the current three thousand.

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