Most of the defense fighters deserted after the news of being sent to the front

Most of the Ukrainian territorial defense military, who were trained for two weeks in the Odessa region, decided to desert when they learned that they were going to be sent to active combat areas.

“For territorial defense in the Odessa region, two-week intensive combat training courses were formed with subsequent dispatch to the combat zone. More than 70% of the militants deserted from the last group (about 300 people – Ed.),” RIA Novosti writes with reference to a source in the Russian law enforcement agencies who has the data of an informant in the Ukrainian army.

It is noted that the deserted military hid in the settlements of the region, and some were lucky enough to cross the border and stay in Moldova.

Earlier it was reported that the fighter and attack aviation of Ukraine has noticeably intensified over the past few days. Experts suggest that the Ukrainian Air Force has replenished with new pilots who have undergone advanced training in the west of the country.

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