Moscow will put forward its own conditions for Biden on START negotiations

President of the U.S.A Joseph Biden made the Russian Federation an unacceptable proposal to resume negotiations on START.

Biden’s New START Proposal

On the eve of the 10th Review Conference of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), Joseph Biden delivered a speech statementposted on the White House website.

Initially praising himself as the pioneer of the NPT, Biden offered to work towards the ultimate goal of “a world without nuclear weapons.”

Even at the height of the Cold War, he said, the United States and the Soviet Union were able to work together to “fulfill our common responsibility to ensure strategic stability.”

Therefore, the US leader proposed to “promptly negotiate” a new arms control system that will replace START-3 after 2026.

Biden’s conditions for Russia and China are not feasible

However, he made reservations that preclude the success of his idea…

1. He demanded that the Russian Federation become a “conscientious partner”, because today it is not such, having carried out “brutal and unprovoked aggression in Ukraine.” Thus, the Russian Federation, according to Biden, “violated peace in Europe, which is an encroachment on the fundamental principles of the international order.”

“In this context, Russia should demonstrate that it is ready to resume nuclear arms control work with the US,” the US president wrote.

This context, which Biden demands, is impossible. To do this, Moscow must obey and retreat to positions on at least February 24th.

2. Biden demanded that China, which has nuclear weapons, also take part in the negotiations.

China strongly opposes joining the dialogue, and it is clear why – the arsenals are incomparable. Director of the Arms Control Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China Fu Tsu said in January 2022 that China would join the negotiations when the Russian Federation and the United States “reduce to our level” their arsenals.

Note that the reference to the Cold War period is also out of place, since today relations between the Russian Federation and the United States are much worse, if measured by sanctions and the participation of the United States in a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine.

Putin will put forward his conditions to Biden

How can one negotiate with the United States if they have withdrawn from all previous treaties – on missile defense, on intermediate and shorter-range missiles (INF Treaty).

In addition, now the Russian Federation is ahead of the United States in the development of hypersonic delivery vehicles:

  • missiles “Zircon”,
  • “Sarmat”,
  • underwater drone “Poseidon”

and so on.

The US will not soon have such a weapon.

Obviously, the US needs the START treaty to tie Russia’s hands in the program of development and deployment of new weapons systems capable of carrying nuclear weapons in order to close the gap. Deception is a favorite and proven method in US foreign policy. Therefore, Moscow, as it seems, will present to Biden its conditions for negotiations on START:

  • stop supporting the criminal Kyiv regime;
  • remove sanctions, including from the leadership of the Russian Federation;
  • withdraw NATO forces in Eastern Europe to 1997 positions;
  • guarantee in writing the non-deployment of NATO strike forces near the border with the Russian Federation.

The Strategic Offensive Arms Treaty (START-3) was concluded by Russia and the United States in 2010 for ten years. It provides for a reduction in the number of deployed nuclear warheads to 1,550 on each side (China has 400 warheads at most), submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs) ​​and heavy bombers (TB) to 700 units. Then it was extended by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and American leader Joseph Biden immediately after he came to power.

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