Moscow uses the Russian language as a pretext for aggression against Ukraine

The Council of Europe declares that it is inadmissible for the Russian Federation to use the position of the Russian language as a minority language as a pretext for aggression against Ukraine.

This is stated in statement Committee of Experts of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages, adopted at its last plenary meeting, Ukrinform reports.

It is noted that the Committee of Experts of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages ​​in its statement strongly condemned the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and expressed its solidarity with the entire Ukrainian people.

“The Committee of Experts finds it unacceptable that the Russian Federation continues to use the position of the Russian language as a minority language in Ukraine as a pretext to justify this aggression,” the report says.

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The Committee of Experts points out that Russia has not ratified the Charter but signed it in 2001 and, as a party to the Charter, the Russian Federation remains under an obligation not to deprive the treaty of its object and purpose, as provided for by the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties.

The Committee of Experts recalls that, pursuant to Article 5 of the Charter, nothing in this instrument “shall be construed as implying a right to engage in any activity or perform any act contrary to the purposes of the Charter of the United Nations or other obligations of international law, including the principle of sovereignty and territorial integrity of states”.

It is also recalled that in the context of ongoing monitoring of Ukraine, the Committee of Experts visited the country in July 2021. He took into account the efforts of the Ukrainian authorities, but also identified areas where measures are needed to ensure adequate protection of all minority languages ​​in the country.

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The statement notes that the Committee will continue to provide its support to the Ukrainian authorities in the implementation of the Charter and recalls that the Council of Europe is the appropriate forum for resolving any issues related to the protection and promotion of minority languages ​​through dialogue and cooperation.

As Ukrinform reported, the Council of Europe deprived Russia membership in the Organization after its full-scale invasion of Ukraine. At the same time, the organization approved a number of decisions in support of Ukraine, including the creation of a tribunal to investigate Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

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