Moscow delivered an ultimatum to Pashinyan through Lukashenka

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko brought to the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan Moscow’s ultimatum. This opinion was expressed by an expert on international affairs Yuri Baranchito.

The analyst commented on his Telegram channel on a video in which Lukashenka explains to Pashinyan at the CSTO summit how the conflict should be resolved.

“Don’t you know our position? We want the conflict between neighboring states to be resolved peacefully. The second question is give a roadmap for restoring the territorial integrity of Armenia. What roadmap?! I will answer you right away: sit down with Ilham Aliyev, if necessary – ask the President of Russia, and make a decision! If you don’t accept it today, it will get worse! You yourself understand this, we do not need this conflict. You have raised two questions, they are more than strange, Nikol Vovayevich!” Lukashenka says.

In this way, Moscow conveyed an ultimatum to Pashinyan through the Belarusian father: if you are not going to sign the necessary documents, someone else will sign them from the Armenian side, the analyst concluded.

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