Moria Casán was shown cooking a scrambled egg in a bikini and went viral: “I can’t believe it!”

Moria Casán was shown cooking a scrambled egg in a bikini

Always against the current Moria Casan was recently shown on social networks without filters, effects, retouching or makeup. It is that unlike many celebrities who share their privacy with their virtual followers, the one She changed the equation once more and surprised by showing herself in a bathing suit, her hair tied up and a washed face while cooking at home.

The scene occurred on the afternoon of Wednesday the 11th, when the diva was experiencing the pre-release of a new season with witches, the theatrical classic in which he stars and which is being revived this season at the Teatro Multitabaris Comafi. And she was revealed by the journalist Pampito Perelló Aciar, who shared the video on his Twitter account.

“Today I was talking on WhatsApp with Moria for Intruders and the chat ended with this video. I love her”, wrote the panelist of the program that leads Florence of the V when he shared the piece, which was quickly filled with messages of love and admiration for the mother of Sofia Gala.

The particular scrambled eggs of Moria Casán
The particular scrambled eggs of Moria Casán

The video was recorded by a friend and Moria gave her a single indication: “From afar,” she said as the shot opened and she was seen in action with a spatula in her right hand. “Here I have Moria, total diva. She’s a queen, making scrambled eggs. For those who say: ‘she does everything’. Yes, she makes everything my friend: bed, scrambled eggs, she’s complete… And today she makes her debut in Bruges, on top of that. Not to believe ”, says behind the scenes who captured the diva. “We are waiting for you, we love you,” Moria repeated to invite everyone to the theater.

A while later, it was Casán herself who shared the same video and also added the recipe. “In a bikini, cooking scrambled eggs. Recipe step: 3 eggs, carefully place them in a bowl, add salt and a touch of milk. I stir it, I put butter in a frying pan over medium heat, I keep stirring and I took it out sooner because it continues to cook on the plate,” Moria explained about the image.

Moria Casán published her scrambled egg recipe on her social networks (Photo: Instagram)
Moria Casán published her scrambled egg recipe on her social networks (Photo: Instagram)

The 2023 season got off to a hot start for Moria as his media fight with Fatima Florez. In a new chapter of this already historic tension, now the One He went against the humorist and threatened to take legal action against her. What happens is that Fatima is carrying on her show Fatima is worldwide, in Villa Carlos Paz. And among the variety of characters that he recreates on stage, there is that of the mother of Sofia Gala.

Despite the fact that Florez has imitated her for several years, Moria has now expressed his displeasure with the characterization and said that he wants to receive money for the use of his brand. “I have a company and I paid a very important fee in Trademarks and registrations so that all the use of my name and what they do in shows is controlled a bit,” said the diva in dialogue with intruders (America).

“If there is a use of my name on stage, even if you honor me, I want a little ticket, daddy. Like SADAIC, like Actors who get you money ”, he insisted died. Likewise, he referred to the comment that Fatima made weeks ago, when he sent her to work. “You can tell me anything, unless I go to work. There she did not bother me, she realized that he screwed up and got very nervous, ”Casán stood up.

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