More than 70 Moscow longevity centers to appear in the capital

Dancing in the Hermitage Garden as part of the Moscow Longevity project.  Photo: Sergey Kiselev/AGN Moscow

Dancing in the Hermitage Garden as part of the Moscow Longevity project. Photo: Sergey Kiselev/AGN Moscow

The Moscow longevity center “Orekhovo” in the south of the capital, after a major overhaul, again receives visitors. There are 25 clubs in the renovated building, more than 540 people have already become permanent members. Since June, when the repair was completed in the center, more than three thousand people have visited it. Today, August 4, the mayor of Moscow also came here Sergei Sobyanin.

“We thought about how to make such clubs within the framework of the former social service centers, which are now mainly transferred to the MFC,” the mayor said. “They don’t really need such places anymore. And, consulting with Muscovites, we decided to create such club centers. To be honest, we did not expect such an attitude and such a sincere atmosphere that we managed to create. In three years, from five to seven centers have already grown to 50. By the end of the year will be 70. We see that about half a million Muscovites will visit them this year.”

According to him, those who wish can participate in the Moscow Longevity project at various sites – in schools, social and sports centers, commercial companies, parks.


The Moscow longevity center “Orekhovo” looks like this:

– area for meeting visitors;

– multifunctional assembly hall;

– sports and gym;

– noisy and quiet living room;

– media room;

– creative workshops;

– culinary studio.

Here, as in all other centers of Moscow longevity, you can come daily from 10.00 to 21.00. All services are free for residents with a permanent residence permit in the capital – women over 55 years old and men over 60 years old and Muscovites who have retired early due to their length of service.

Addresses and reference information – on website Department of labor and social protection of the population of Moscow.

A new season starts in autumn in all centers. The schedule includes educational classes in the field of financial, computer and legal literacy, classes in maintaining mental health in partnership with the Moscow Psychological Assistance Service and psychological faculties of metropolitan universities. And in the winter, the sections “Skiing” and “Skating” will open. To do this, in the fall of 2022, groups will open to enroll in classes in Moscow parks. In addition, the Moscow Longevity vocal and instrumental ensemble will start working.


Today there are 52 Moscow Longevity Centers in the capital. From January to July 2022, about 280 thousand people visited them.

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