More than 5,600 children deported to Russia recorded in Ukraine

The National Information Bureau recorded the deportation of more than 5,600 children to Russia, but the actual number is higher.

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Kateryna Pavlichenko announced this at a briefing at the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

“According to the data of the National Information Bureau, more than 5,600 children have already been identified who were deported to the aggressor country. However, we understand that the real number is actually higher,” she said.

Pavlichenko added that hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians were forcibly deported to Russia and Belarus, and Ukraine is developing a mechanism for the return of these citizens, including children.

In addition, Pavlichenko told what to do if you lost contact with a loved one who may have gone abroad. “First of all, control your emotions and contact the National Police units at 102 or, if you are abroad, 112. You can also apply to the nearest police unit,” she said.

The Deputy Minister noted that it is also necessary to provide all possible information regarding the probable disappearance of a person – where they last talked, where they saw, perhaps, the last place of stay if the person went abroad.

In addition, she stressed that in order to search for people, it is necessary to contact law enforcement agencies, and not private individuals who are also engaged in search, in order to avoid fraud.

Pavlichenko emphasized that in the event of a possible disappearance of Ukrainians abroad, the National Police cooperates with Interpol, Europol and is in contact with law enforcement agencies of other countries, takes measures to search for people.

As reported, the National Information Bureau was created by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers in March 2022, the key goal of its activity is to collect and summarize data on prisoners of war, dead, missing, illegally detained by the invaders, including among the civilian population on both sides of the hostilities.

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