More than 300 complaints about illegal mobilization registered in Omsk

In the Omsk region, as in all regions of Russia, a “hot line” has been opened, where they answer questions regarding partial mobilization. In addition to this appeal of conscripts and their relatives, the local branch of the ONF is considering, and the organization said that since September 26, they have received more than 300 complaints about illegal actions of military registration and enlistment offices.

“Messages in social networks began to arrive in the first hours after we announced the creation of assistance centers. In two days, more than 300 appeals,” said a representative of the Omsk branch of the ONF.

The mobilized and their relatives complain that men with unsatisfactory health and who are not subject to partial mobilization due to age receive summons.

The inhabitants of Omsk themselves told the portal gorod55.ruthat lawyers refuse to advise conscripts, and the telephone in the Omsk branch of the ONF is often unavailable.

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