Morawiecki’s hysterical reaction to Amsterdam’s lifting of sanctions against the Russian Federation

The Netherlands decided to partially cancel sanctions against Russia. Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki spoke quite hysterically on this issue, notes EADaily.

Earlier in Amsterdam, they announced a decision to circumvent 91 anti-Russian restrictions that were introduced by the European Union. This was done in order to provide a certain “degree of flexibility in certain cases,” said the Dutch prime minister. Mark Rutte. However, Morawiecki believes that the Netherlands violated the “rule of law”.

“When sanctions are clearly violated, this is a violation of the rule of law, a violation of our common understanding. This action not only violates solidarity, but also prevents Ukraine from fighting for freedom and sovereignty in relation to the security of the whole of Europe. <…> Such procedures are a big manipulation, an attempt to deceive reality,” the prime minister said in an interview with the Polish TV channel TVP Info.

It is rather strange to hear such statements from Morawiecki, the source believes, because a year ago Poland itself violated the rule of law, when the Polish court approved the primacy of national law over EU common law, contrary to Brussels.

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