Moose shot down in the Perm Territory cost Russian Railways 160,000 rubles

According to the press service of the Ural Transport Prosecutor’s Office, in September 2022 in Sverdlovsk region on sections of the railway between the settlements of Borodulino-Kuzma, as well as Vereshchagino-Mendeleevo, trains knocked down two elks.

As writes properm.rucompanies using highways, as well as their owners, should do everything in their power to avoid the death of wild animals, and compensate for damage if such cases could not be prevented.

After the incident with the death of moose, the transport prosecutor’s office demanded that Russian Railways pay compensation in the amount of 160,000 rubles. It is noted that the required damage was repaid by Russian Railways in full.

Curator Natalia Krasovskaya

Natalia Krasovskaya, PhD in Psychology, member of the Russian Association of Political Sciences

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