Monkeypox: Colombia reaches 4,021 confirmed cases

Monkeypox: Colombia reaches 4,021 confirmed cases
Monkeypox: Colombia reaches 4,021 confirmed cases

The National Institute of Health (INS) reported that as of Monday, December 26, there have been 4,021 cases confirmed cases of monkeypox in the country. Of these, 3,915 people have recovered, most of whom have been from the capital (1,936) and Antioquia (1,133).

The entity could have greater difficulties in monitoring infections due to the fact that 83% are from an unknown source and, according to the data, 10.7% of the affected population had contact with those whose origin of infection is unknown.

Regarding the cases imported from abroad, 1.7% of those affected correspond to this cause and 2.4% were infected by some contact with that sample group. Also, the INS It is studying 2.3% of the confirmed infected, that is, 92 people.

The regions with the highest number of infections are Bogota (1960), Antioquia (1,159) and Cali (330).

The other cases have occurred in the following departments: Cundinamarca (90), Santander (80), Tolima (59), Barranquilla (57), Risaralda (56), Valle del Cauca (49), Meta (28), Caldas ( 22), Cartagena (17), Quindío (15), Atlántico (14), Cesar (11), Boyacá (9), Norte de Santander (9), Córdoba (8), Cauca (7), San Andrés (7) , Huila (7), La Guajira (5), Bolívar (5), Nariño (4), Casanare (3), Sucre (3), Santa Marta (3), Putumayo (2), Caquetá (1) and Guaviare ( 1).

According to the entity, a total of 7,241 samples have been analyzed by the monkeypox, of which 2,789 have been discarded. Currently, the INS is actively monitoring 106 people.

Although Colombia reached 4,021 confirmed cases, the new infections from December 20 to 26 were 50. In Antioquia there were 20, in Valle del Cauca 11 and in Cali 7. The other cases were detected in the following departments: Bogotá (6), Risaralda (5) and Cartagena (1).

These are the data provided by the INS:


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Monkeypox caused concern in Ibagué, Tolima, after the death of a young man who had contracted the disease was recorded. The victim was 26 years old and had been diagnosed with mpox; however, the INS indicated that it cannot be concluded that the cause of death was really monkey fever.

The director of the entity, Giovanny Rubiano Garcia, noted that the cause of death was not monkeypox. “In relation to the death of the 26-year-old man in the city of Ibagué, we must indicate that the patient had marked immunosuppression, multiple diseases and infections in his body,” explained the official and specified that the information from the institute indicates that the death was related to the confluence of diseases.

“It is not true to indicate that the patient died of monkeypox,” he added.

It should be remembered that monkeypox is characterized by symptom such as: fever, headache, intense tiredness, muscle pain and skin lesions that generally appear at the same stage and inflammation of the lymph nodes. “It is transmitted more frequently from live or dead reservoir animals to humans and sometimes from person to person,” the INS specified.

Transmission can be by close contact with patients or their fluids or other elements such as bedding. “In most people it presents as a mild disease that resolves without complications between 2 and 4 weeks after the onset of symptoms,” while in those with immunosuppression, “it can generate a more serious clinical picture.”

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