Monastyrsky: Gun control

Controlling the circulation of firearms in the country is one of the priorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Minister of the Interior Denis Monastyrsky stated this at a meeting with EU Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson. press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairsreports Ukrinform.

In particular, the parties of the meeting discussed plans for the future, in particular, the issue of the importance of preventing weapons from getting into illegal circulation.

“Control over the circulation of firearms in the country is one of the priorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In order to increase the impact on the turnover processes weaponsincluding at the border, the process of reforming the practical side and legislative regulation of this sphere is in the active phase,” the minister informed.

According to him, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine is currently considering a bill on the circulation of weapons among the civilian population.

“We are also working on the creation of a modern model for controlling the circulation of weapons in the country, namely the Unified Register of Weapons, which is a timely and relevant step by the state with Europol’s access to it,” Monastyrsky said.

Among other things, Monastyrsky thanked Ioganson for his support and outlined the realities in which Ukraine finds itself. In particular, the meeting participants focused on measures to overcome the migration crisis and to establish cooperation in this area.

The parties during this international meeting signed an administrative agreement on the establishment of cooperation between the European Commission and the State Migration Service within the framework of the European Migration Network (EMN).

These agreements, as specified, should accelerate the exchange of up-to-date and objective information on the situation on migration and asylum, as well as participate in investigations and meetings of the EMN.

“This is also an additional tool for synchronizing the migration policy of Ukraine and the EU, which is a necessary step for the full integration of our state into the European space,” the Interior Minister stressed.

For her part, the EU Commissioner for Home Affairs recalled that the EU fully supports Ukraine, in particular, by providing technical, financial and diplomatic assistance, because Ukraine protects not only its territorial integrity and sovereignty, but also creates a security circle for a united Europe.

“We perfectly understand and support Ukraine. I know that today the European Commission announced the allocation of 500 million euros to support your country. Also, the European Union has created a platform for the renewal of Ukraine, since this country is part of the EU family,” Johansson said.

In turn, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Mary Hakobyan said that during the meeting, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and the EU Commissioner for Internal Affairs discussed issues of Ukraine’s integration into the EU’s European space.

“We were assured that despite all the challenges and the war, we will consolidate all efforts to fulfill international obligations that bring us closer to full membership in the European Union,” the Deputy Minister noted.

According to her, the employees of the ministry are more than ever ready to share their exceptional experience gained by specialists of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the face of the confrontation with the Russian Federation, and together strengthen the EU civil protection system.

“To this end, we initiated joining the civil protection mechanism. Separately, they noted the important role of the EU as a coordinator in the process of providing humanitarian assistance, which has been and continues to be received by Ukraine. After all, since February 24, more than 100 million units of various kinds of humanitarian aid have been allocated to Ukraine by the European Union,” Hakobyan informed.

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During the meeting, the parties also focused on the priorities of cooperation and the results of previous work in areas such as migration, protection of Ukrainian refugees and combating human trafficking; combating organized crime; control over weapons and prevention of their illegal circulation; investigation of war crimes.

According to Hakobyan, the meeting participants separately discussed areas where the Ministry of Internal Affairs needs the help of international partners, namely, humanitarian demining; restoration and restoration of destroyed objects; rehabilitation and treatment of Ukrainian soldiers

“We agreed to strengthen cooperation! We are grateful to Mrs. Ylva for her clear position and personal visit, as well as the technical, financial and diplomatic support of the EU. The strengthening of Ukraine today is a guarantee of the security of a united Europe,” the deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs noted.

As reported, the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that Europol urged not to speculate on the topic of illegal weapons from Ukraine.

Photo: Nikolay Anatskyi

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