Moldova declares state of emergency due to drought

The Moldovan government will introduce a state of emergency in the country in the field of ecology due to drought.

According to Ukrinform, this is reported by Newsmaker with reference to the statement of the Minister of Agriculture of Moldova, Vladimir Boli.

The minister stressed that the state of emergency, which the Moldovan government will introduce from August 3, will allow local authorities to provide the population with drinking water.

Also, he said, the drought has caused a difficult situation in the field of agriculture, so at the next meeting of the emergency commission, it may be decided to derogate from some laws to make it easier for farmers to access water from ponds.

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It is reported that due to the drought, the water level in the rivers of Moldova has fallen to critical levels. On the main waterway of the country on the Dniester River, the water level is 30-40% of the average monthly long-term indicators, on the Prut River – 15-30%, and some small rivers have become completely shallow. The groundwater level also dropped sharply, causing water shortages in artesian wells.

As Ukrinform reported, due to the drought in June-July, the filling rate of the Dniester reservoir fell by almost half.

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