Modric: It will be difficult to stop Messi but we are ready and we will give it our all

Sports writing, 11 Dec. Luka Modric, leader of the Croatian team, considered this Sunday that his team is “prepared” to beat Argentina in the semifinals of the World Cup in Qatar and advanced that they will give “everything” on Tuesday, although they are aware that they will have “many difficulties”. to stop players of the stature of Leo Messi.

“I want to play another semifinal against a big team, that’s what I want, not just against a player. Of course Leo is very big, he’s their best player, and we’re going to have a lot of difficulties to stop him, but We are prepared and we are going to give it our all. I hope it will be enough to be in the final”, he replied in an interview with Televisión Española.

He explained that they have no problem with not counting on them for these types of matches. “Everyone looks more towards the big countries, as we are a small country, nobody takes us into account, but we don’t have a problem with this, that others are the favorites and we are in the shadows. That is an outside thing, we cannot We can only compete to the maximum, give everything and this is what is our forte”, he added.

“Nobody talks about us -he continued- but I have seen a very good, mature team, with youngsters who have brought new quality and energy. Since the Eurocup there is a fact that I did not know, that in 22 games we have only lost one, it is something impressive, we’ve played a lot of good games and that also says a lot about us. I was confident that we could do something. After four years, being in the semis is something very big”.

The Real Madrid footballer also stressed that his team shows “a lot of confidence” when they have to play extra time or face a penalty shootout. “When those moments arrive we are showing a very strong mind, which is necessary. We have faith that everything will turn out well, although it is not easy to reach this moment,” he said.

“We would like to finish (the matches) earlier, not go to penalties, but we are willing to do everything we can to win,” warned the Croatian.

Finally, he was surprised by the elimination of Spain. “You always expect more from them, that they reach the semifinals or more, because they have a good team, they had a very good coach, but this is football and it is seen that it is not easy to beat anyone today, you have to be one hundred percent a hundred and not even this guarantees you, because every time everything is equalized more, “he concluded. EFE


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