Modern car features that used to be considered science fiction

Let’s remember what cars were like at the dawn of their appearance. These were unsightly and sometimes strange-looking units that hardly transported a person from point A to point B. And even then it seemed like a real fantasy. Over time, cars began to “grow” with additional options, and today even the old “Lada” is a fantastically fancy car compared to its “great-grandfather”.

Let’s remember what was real science fiction in the past and is commonplace today.

Seat belts

If you exclude narrow-minded drivers who neglect seat belts, we can safely say that this is a truly revolutionary invention. Belts themselves appeared at the end of the 19th century. But the modern belt in the form in which we know it began its journey only in 1958. And even then, for a long time, belts were not a mandatory attribute of a car. Only after it became clear that belts save tens of thousands of people every year, governments began to force automakers to equip cars with belts.

Air conditioner

Today, even the basic equipment of the car implies the presence of air conditioning. But until recently, this could only be dreamed of. Although the first air conditioner on a car appeared in the forties, it has become massive relatively recently. But despite the fact that air conditioners have recently begun to appear in cars in mass form, there are already those who are perplexed how it was possible to live and drive without this wonderful option.


Today, car audio is an entire industry and cultural element. Previously, people in the car entertained themselves with singing, poetry and jokes. But since the installation of the first radio receiver in the car, everything has changed. Today it is difficult to imagine a car without music. Moreover, some lovers of good sound equip their cars with acoustic technology, which is several times more expensive than the car itself.

Wipers or wipers

Today, even in a nightmare, it is difficult to imagine driving without wipers. And at one time they did not even dream about it. Many cars did not even have a windshield. Yes, it was a tough time. It’s scary to even imagine how people managed to see the road without using windshield wipers.


Surprisingly, until 1901, motorists had no idea how fast they were moving. The fact is that the speed was not high, but with the increase in speed and the improvement of cars, there was a need for control. This is how the first speedometers appeared.

Who invented car wipers?

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