Mobilized: we are going to help the guys with a sense of Victory!

The ceremony of sending more than 150 mobilized citizens from the Kaliningrad region to the southwestern border of Russia took place at the Chkalovsk airfield near Kaliningrad.

– Fighting mood, let’s go to help the guys. Ready for everything. Let’s go with a feeling of victory! We’ll manage, – says a mobilized resident of the Kaliningrad region named Yuri.

Other fighters say that they received all the uniforms on time, were retrained and are ready to perform the assigned tasks.

The aircraft of the military transport aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces is also sending new reinforcements to the training grounds of the Western Military District to conduct a training course and combat coordination of units.

Servicemen are trained in accordance with the military registration specialties of the mobilized.

Meanwhile, in the Nizhny Novgorod region, in the combat training center in Mulino, military personnel called up from the reserve continue practical training in combat training. Among the servicemen there are many who went through the fighting in the Chechen Republic and Syria.

– We have experience, the team is good, – says the mobilized tank commander Denis.

All mobilized people fulfill the standards for shooting from small arms. In addition, citizens called up from the reserve restore their skills in the operation and maintenance of weapons, communications equipment, military and special equipment.


At the Luzhsky training ground in the Leningrad Region, a vocal and instrumental ensemble of the Border Troops of the FSB of Russia performed in front of mobilized citizens undergoing a course of replenishing skills and knowledge in the subjects of combat training.

Such cultural and patriotic events will be held in the military units and formations of the Western Military District to maintain the morale of the mobilized servicemen on a regular basis throughout the entire period of partial mobilization.

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