Mobilized in the Leningrad region were “running in tanks”

At the Luzhsky training ground in the Leningrad Region, mobilized servicemen as part of motorized rifle units continue training as part of single training.

“All mobilized people comply with the standards for shooting from small arms. In addition, citizens called up from the reserve restore their skills in the operation and maintenance of weapons, communications equipment, military and special equipment. Also, at the stage of single training, firing is carried out with RPG-7 grenade launchers, AGS-17 crews and snipers. We passed the “running in tanks”, – said the commander of the artillery howitzer battalion Konstantin Shchigorev.

The quality of training and the restoration of the skills of military personnel at the stage of single training depends on the further process of combat coordination of units and their ability to solve assigned tasks.

“Participant in the fighting. He came to the draft board of his own free will to pass on his combat experience to his comrades. We all have a fighting spirit here, ”says company commander Sergei.

Classes are not only about practice. Instructors conduct classes with personnel on the methods and techniques of army tactical shooting, which will allow in practice to increase fire skills and prepare military personnel for confident actions on the battlefield.


At the training grounds of the Baltic Fleet in the Kaliningrad region, mobilized servicemen performed live firing from 152-mm Giacint cannons as part of a training course in their military specialties.

“Live firing was carried out by direct fire at full-size targets simulating the military equipment of a mock enemy. According to the plan, the fire missions during firing were carried out by the mobilized at the suddenly appearing conditional enemy, when he tried to go on the counterattack and break through the defense.

The actions of the crews were led by experienced instructor officers of the artillery formation of the Baltic Fleet, who have combat experience, ”the Defense Ministry said.

During the instructor’s training, special attention is paid to the study of communications, aerial reconnaissance and artillery fire adjustment.

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