“Mobilized at their own expense buy what they need”

Stanislav Sadalsky revolted the call Nikita Mikhalkov exempt from partial mobilization of filmmakers participating in projects created at public expense.

The star of the film “The meeting place cannot be changed” spoke negatively about the quality of the film product, which has budget funding.

“It seems to me that money from the budget can be allocated for that bullshit that is pouring onto the screens only for an insane rollback,” the Honored Artist of the RSFSR expressed his opinion.

Sadalsky does not understand why film industry employees are so important to the country.

“The work of the cinema is more important than a turner, than a grain grower, a teacher, a salesman, a baker, a cook, etc. How can they not be given a reprieve. The state has allocated millions to them for such an important mission,” the actor wrote in his microblog.

The artist is also struck by the fact that “the mobilized at their own expense buy what they need” to be sent to a special operation in Ukraine.

Former human rights activist Ekaterina Gordon resented that they were being driven to the front “a hungry man without a weapon“.

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