Mobile tire fitting: the pros and cons of the service

Any car owner at least once in his life faced with the fact that, approaching the car, he found that the wheel was flat. A wheel can flatten due to a damaged nipple, a puncture, a cut, or even a temperature drop. When such a nuisance occurs, the driver has several options for solving this unpleasant moment.

You can try to pump up the wheel and go in search of a tire fitting, try to seal the wheel yourself or turn to outsiders for help. In cases where the situation is such that the driver cannot travel by car, there is a very convenient service “mobile tire fitting”. Let’s analyze this service in detail and weigh all the negative and positive aspects.

What is Mobile Tire Service

Mobile or as it is also called “mobile tire fitting” is, in fact, a workshop on wheels. Usually minibuses are used for such workshops. Such a minibus is equipped with all the necessary equipment and people who work with this equipment. Such mobile tire changers can perform work of any complexity and moreover on any part of the road or street. That is, if you can drive up to your car, mobile tire service can also be on site.

In addition to tire fitting services, such companies provide other services. It works very simply. The driver calls a certain number, and a team of car mechanics comes to him, capable of repairing the wheel in any condition, as well as delivering new wheels or tires to the place, these companies also provide services for defrosting the car, light it up if the battery is dead, and can also deliver car owner, oil, antifreeze or brake fluid.

Advantages of mobile tire service

Mobile tire fitting services are especially relevant in big cities. The road conditions and, accordingly, the traffic here is very dense and saturated. Those who value time will not waste it on swapping and searching, but will immediately call a similar company.

It is very convenient that such mobile workshops work around the clock. All you need to do is dial the number and describe in detail the essence of the problem. The company itself will deliver everything you need to the place.

Mobile tire fitting can work anywhere, the car owner does not need to look for a convenient platform or street lighting at all.

From everything described above, we can conclude that such a service is very convenient, besides, there is really a high demand for it. But it should be understood that such a service has its drawbacks.

Cons of mobile tire fitting

One of these shortcomings can be considered a rather high price of this service. As a rule, the cost of such an on-site workshop will cost three times more than a regular, stationary tire fitting.

The second disadvantage is the inability to balance the wheel properly. Since the equipment is in the car, it is completely meaningless to talk about balancing accuracy.

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