Missing Kristina Orbakaite showed up where no one expected

Christina Orbakaite

Christina Orbakaite

A photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Christina Orbakaite disappeared from the field of view of fans at the end of September. The singer did not attend the funeral Boris Moiseevwho called her daughter. The artist did not comment on the hasty departure of her mother. Alla Pugacheva to Israel. The fans decided that Christina had gone to the States to her husband Mikhail Zemtsov and daughter Klava. It’s no secret that the performer has been living in two countries for many years. However, recently a pop star was unexpectedly found in the Crimea.

Christina Orbakaite does not miss the opportunity to earn. Daughter Alla Pugacheva performed at a private party in one of the luxury hotels in the Crimea. It came as a complete surprise to the public.

For the guests of the evening, she performed her hits. Tickets cost from four thousand rubles.

Now the fans are waiting for the return 51 year old artist to Moscow. At all performance coming soon with her participation in the Sovremennik Theatre. The show has not been cancelled.

The other day, Christina, by the way, got in touch. The eldest daughter of the Primadonna made a statement. The singer spoke about her music teacher. The star called the mentor “a brilliant woman” and thanked for “wisdom and patience.”

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