Missile Mi-28NM VKS hit combat vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

To send reinforcements to Oskolsky the front on which the battles are now taking place, the Armed Forces of Ukraine use crossings. The RF Armed Forces strike at river installations and enemy positions on them.

To detect the equipment of the Ukrainian army, the Mi-28NM fired a missile with the designation “product 305” and hit the BMP of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, “Military Review” reports. Following the Russian Aerospace Forces, a second missile was launched, aimed at the crossing in front of the padded combat vehicle.

“Apparently, the crew decided to neutralize the crossing by creating a traffic jam on it, since the warhead of the “products 305”, with which the helicopter went on patrol, has a mass of 25 kg, insufficient to destroy the engineering structure. The enemy will need time to eliminate the “traffic jam” “In the meantime, the received coordinates will be struck from means whose power is sufficient to destroy the crossing,” the newspaper writes.

The crew of the Mi-28NM successfully coped with the task, despite the fact that they had to maneuver under enemy anti-aircraft fire.

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