Minsa activates Emergency Operations Centers due to nationwide protests

Minsa activates Emergency Operations Centers due to nationwide protests
Minsa activates Emergency Operations Centers due to nationwide protests

The protests and confrontations that have been taking place in the last few hours, and that so far have left two fatalities and dozens injured, worry the public and the authorities. In that sense, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) announced the activation of the Emergency Operations Centers (COE) at the national level.

This measure is issued within the framework of RM 225-2020-SA, which declared health establishments on red alert due to the effects of covid-19, but this time it establishes for the demonstrations, in various parts of the country, which put the health of the people who participate directly or indirectly at risk.

The Minsa, together with the health authorities of the regional governments, are working together to guarantee the continuity of health services, prioritizing emergency and critical care services. In addition, the maximum availability of human resources, supplies and medicines is ordered to provide medical care in a timely manner to patients who require it. “Health personnel on duty must be present at the health facility carrying out activities or response tasks contained in the local Contingency Plan,” the document states.

For his part, he Mobile Emergency Care Service (SAMU) In coordination with other first responders in prehospital care, it guarantees the operation of central 106 and its ambulances in Metropolitan Lima and regions for timely care.

Likewise, it is specified that the damage assessment and analysis must continue to be carried out on a daily basis, as well as “meeting the needs as an immediate response to the situation presented.”

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Finally, the Minsa announced that it will convene the National Health Council to evaluate the measures adopted for the continuity of health services. Meanwhile, the regional health authorities, through their regional councils, must evaluate compliance with these measures in order to guarantee care for the entire population.

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In its latest report, the Minsa indicated that in the Apurímac region there is a report of three people hospitalized, 25 medical discharges and two deaths. Likewise, it ordered the transfer of nine health professionals, five SAMU professionals and two ambulances to support local authorities.

He also reported that he has managed the reference to Lima from a minor who was affected with ocular trauma during the protests that have been taking place in Andahuaylas. The minor was transferred by land to Ayacucho, to be later evacuated by air to Lima and will be treated at the National Institute of Ophthalmology (INO).

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In the early hours of Monday, December 12, in a message to the nation, the president Dina Boluarte announced the declaration of State of Emergency in “zones of high conflict”.

“With the same patriotic sense, I announce the declaration of a state of emergency in areas of high social conflict. I inform you that I have given the instructions for the peaceful recovery of internal order control, without affecting the fundamental rights of citizenship. I deeply regret the death of our compatriots in Andahuaylas, Apurímac, my land. I express my heartfelt condolences to their families,” said the head of state.

For his part, the Minister of the Interior, Cesar Cervantes He called for calm and maintained that this measure aims to recover the principle of authority of the Executive and thus prevent “outlaw groups from creating anxiety in various areas of the country.”

Photo: Andahuaylas Expression newspaper
Photo: Andahuaylas Expression newspaper


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