Ministry of Internal Affairs spoke about violations on May 8-9

On May 8 and 9, law enforcement officers recorded only 3 cases of the appearance of provocateurs with prohibited symbols, including St. George ribbons.

First Deputy Interior Minister Yevgeny Yenin said this on Ukrainian TV channels, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

According to him, law enforcement officers predicted possible provocations on May 8-9, so they tirelessly continued not only to work out dangerous elements in most regions of Ukraine, but also to ensure public order so that our citizens feel safe.

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“There were some violations. For example, in Zaporozhye, on the Alley of Military Glory, 3 juvenile hooligans, among other things, doused a commemorative plaque dedicated to the 127th border regiment with red paint. Offenders, of course, were detained. And it should be noted that the police for these 2 days recorded only 3 cases of the appearance of provocateurs with banned communist symbols, including those with St. George ribbons,” he said.

Enin specified that, in general, May 8-9 passed quietly in Ukraine. According to him, this is the result of the preventive actions of law enforcement officers and the conscious position of our citizens, for which he thanked everyone.

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“Because we all see the cynicism of the first persons of the aggressor state, when on Victory Day they put 2 carnations at the stele of Kyiv and Odessa in Moscow, and then fire 7 cruise missiles at Odessa,” Yenin informed.

According to the Deputy Minister, earlier the invaders organized a number of actions in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, during which the participants used prohibited symbols.

“Such actions took place in a number of temporarily occupied cities, and in Mariupol with the participation of the leader of the pseudo-republic of the “DPR”. For all these 7 facts, they were included in the ERDR under article 436-1 of the Criminal Code, namely for the distribution of communist and Nazi symbols and propaganda of the communist and Nazi regime,” Yenin said.

Speaking about the saboteurs, he said that law enforcement officers did not wait for them to appear, but acted in advance.

“And as an example, I would like to cite a case in the capital, when during an authorized search at the place of residence of the defendant, investigators seized 17 weapons and ammunition, including grenade launchers, machine guns and almost 30,000 cartridges of various calibers. And criminal proceedings have been launched on this fact, ”the first deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine specified.

In general, as Enin recalled, 123 anti-sabotage groups are deployed in Ukraine, and about 1,000 police officers are involved in them.

As reported, on the occasion of the Day of Reconciliation on May 8, 223 events were held in Ukraine, the protection of which was carried out by units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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