Ministry of Culture announced the return of ‘Cultural Presence’ and ‘Reportage to Peru’ to TV Peru

Mincul announces the return of Presencia Cultural and Reportage to Peru to the programming of TV Peru.

This January 12, Leslie Urteaga, current Minister of Culture, announced the return of the programs ‘Cultural presence’ Y ‘Report to Peru’ to the programming of TV Peru for this 2023. Both television spaces went off the air in recent years for different reasons, but the Government has made the decision to re-broadcast them on the small screen.

In January 2021, the driver Alonso Rabi used their social networks to communicate the end of ‘Cultural presence’ after 38 uninterrupted years. The presenter, who replaced the iconic Ernesto Hermoza Denegriwrote on his Facebook account that the program, which premiered in 1982 and was dedicated to the dissemination and promotion of culture, was no longer on the TV Peru signal.

“It is with great sadness that I tell you that today at 7:00 p.m., with the interview with Juan Gargurevich, the transmissions of Presencia cultural via Facebook will end and, incidentally, the program will definitely die. A whole record when it comes to culture in Peru ”, were the words used by the presenter to reveal the news.

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On the other hand, the same month, the official website of ‘Report to Peru’ told viewers that Manolo del Castillo He would go to the radio to share his experiences, recommendations and give all the information about the different destinations he has visited throughout his life. This, after being on the air for just over 20 years and making it known through the driver’s trips, an entertaining way to show the variety of tourist resources that our country has.

“On one of the attached bodies of the Ministry of Culture, such as TV Peru, we are relaunching the 2023 programming. Emblematic programs such as ‘Cultural Presence’ and ‘Reportage to Peru’ are going to return. We have to change our gaze. We are more than news. This cultural perspective with an intercultural approach”, said the Mincul representative.

Two emblematic programs will return to the small screen.  (Capture)
Two emblematic programs will return to the small screen. (Capture)

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The renowned journalist Ernesto Hermoza Denegri He passed away in the morning hours of Sunday, October 2, 2022 at the age of 79. The death of the emblematic communicator and committed to spreading art on the small screen would have been linked to his health. Although no further details were given about his departure or the reasons for his unfortunate death, different messages were dedicated to him on social networks.

“TV Peru regrets the sensitive departure of the journalist and who was the host of the program “Cultural Presence”, Ernesto Hermoza. We highlight his talent and work to promote culture in the country. We extend our condolences to the family of this excellent professional who always showed his love for Peru. Goodbye, teacher!”, they wrote as a description of the post on Instagram.

“A man fully identified with the values ​​of the Institute of Radio and Television of Peru (IRTP). More than 30 years giving our culture a presence on television. A lifetime of struggle, dedication and delivery. Recognized in Peru as a ‘Meritorious Personality of Culture’”, reads the video broadcast by the same channel.

Ernesto Hermoza Denegri, journalist and host of ‘Cultural Presence’, passed away on the morning of October 2. (Twitter)


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