Millionaire Danya Milokhin takes off a dirty three-ruble note and spends big money on pleasure

Danya Milokhin has not yet saved up for an apartment in Moscow, but there is money for a luxurious vacation in Dubai.

Danya Milokhin has not yet saved up for an apartment in Moscow, but there is money for a luxurious vacation in Dubai.

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In December, Danya Milokhin will turn 21, and both adults and children already know him. Some scold, others follow every step in social networks. Blogger Milokhin managed to gain millions of subscribers on social networks, sing a duet with Nikolai Baskov, Timati and Dzhigan, and become a member of popular programs. Danya starred in the series and in large advertising companies. Recently, Milokhin was at the top of the news, as he was tired of riding in the Ice Age show – so he simply ran away to rest with friends in the UAE. Danya easily loses large fees … Where does the money come from?

The apartment is rented, the car is your own

Danya Milokhin rents a three-room apartment in Moscow. Recently, the Internet show “By Huts” was released, where they conducted a tour of rented housing. Treshka is not in an elite residential complex, but in the center of the capital. The apartment is freshly renovated, crammed with expensive appliances and modern furniture. In the hallway – video intercom, wardrobe. In the living room – one plasma on the wall (landlords), and the second huge TV is on the floor (tenant); snow-white sofa and armchairs; all the furniture is also white. There is a game console, a synthesizer, a notebook with English lessons – Danya is learning the language. In the bedroom, in addition to a huge bed with a portrait of Milokhin, there is a workplace at the head – a table with a laptop. In the second bedroom, after Danya broke up with his girlfriend, his homeless friend lives. The kitchen has an ultra-modern refrigerator, dishwasher, adjustable temperature kettle and other appliances. Everything is new in the apartment, but there is a mess all around – dirty dishes, things are scattered. The apartment is rented for 90 thousand rubles a month.

Milokhin wanted to buy his own housing in the capital, but so far he didn’t have enough money for a dream apartment in the center, with access to the roof (at a price of about 100 million rubles), but he doesn’t want to take a mortgage. That’s why he takes it off. But there was enough money for a luxury car – Mercedes Maybach for ten million rubles.

Blogger's bedroom in a rented apartment for 90 thousand per month.

Blogger’s bedroom in a rented apartment for 90 thousand per month.

Salary – two million per month

Two years of the pandemic at Milokhin became very successful – while other artists were sitting without concerts and work, he was covered with a wave of success. It all started after Danya released the song “I’m at Home”, for which thousands of videos were shot on the network. Advertising contracts and coverage in foreign social networks (before the company that owns them was recognized as an extremist organization) brought the guy a good income. Then Danya began to be invited to TV shows, to sing a duet with famous artists – and then serious advertisers were already pulled up, so Milokhin received large advertising contracts. These are the main sources of income that made it possible to accumulate sums with six zeros on the accounts. From the age of 19, Milokhin began to be more sensible about savings: “I try not to overspend: every month I receive different amounts – more than 2 million rubles.” Previously, the guy littered with money – a personal driver for 20 thousand rubles a day, trips to expensive restaurants. Now – a driver with a monthly salary, food to order – home.

Milokhin has a shelf with awards and gift toys in the living room.

Milokhin has a shelf with awards and gift toys in the living room.

Saving Milokhin is not accidental – advertising has become many times less for everyone. Reserves, where they are called to sing – even less. But for now, Dani still has some work to do: some advertising, a couple of invitations a month to sing at private parties, filming. He can even afford to quit the project and fly away to relax with friends – now Danya is having fun in Dubai with the family of rapper Dzhigan and other rappers and bloggers. Milokhin spends big money on pleasure – holidays in the UAE: cafes, attractions, shopping.

While Danya Milokhin is frivolous about his reputation – he escaped from the Ice Age, having established himself as an irresponsible person. The guy is true to his life philosophy: do only the work that you like, and while you like it. As long as he can afford it.

Will the singing blogger and aspiring actor manage to keep their earnings and popularity in the future? Will show time. In the meantime, numerologist Olga Fisenko calculated the future of the blogger for “Danya Milokhin is unlikely to ever adapt to someone else’s opinion. It has its own – authoritarian, and will follow it. It is important for him that the environment also corresponds to his philosophy of life; otherwise, he will try to convince people or stop communicating with them. The popularity of Dani Milokhin will grow, and financial opportunities will only expand in the future … But popularity will largely depend on his behavior. Serious transformations await Milokhin: as soon as fate once again raises him high, and he feels his omnipotence, then the space in the moment will stop him with bright barriers – so that a person thinks. Milokhin will succeed if he begins to think about the meanings that his music, performances, publications bring to people … “

Numerologist Olga Fisenko predicted that Milokhin's popularity would grow - but for this he would have to change.

Numerologist Olga Fisenko predicted that Milokhin’s popularity would grow – but for this he would have to change.

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