Military special operation in Ukraine December 15, 2022: live online broadcast

The KP.RU website publishes the latest news about the Russian military special operation in Ukraine online.

The KP.RU website publishes the latest news about the Russian military special operation in Ukraine online.

A photo: Alexander KOTS

Since February 24, the Russian Armed Forces have been conducting a military special operation in Ukraine to protect Donbass, as well as to denazify and demilitarize the country. The KP.RU website publishes online last news about the military special operation of Russia in Ukraine on December 15, 2022.

The authorities of Kyiv announced the damage to two administrative buildings “wreckage” of drones in the Shevchenkovsky district of the city.

A priest from Lisichansk accused of espionage saved from Ukrainian captivity. The church minister was sentenced to 12 years in prison on a ridiculous charge.

The Russian Defense Ministry created creative teams to support the military in the special operation zone. They are formed from mobilized and professional volunteer artists.

SBU conducts searches at 19 sites of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Operational activities are carried out in nine regions of the country.

Ukrainian military deliberately spoil their tanks. Marochko, an officer of the People’s Militia of the LPR, told about this.

Russian troops took control the main part of the village of Vodiane in the DPR.

The DPR reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine released more than 700 HIMARS missiles in Donbass since the start of deliveries of weapons to NATO. As a result, 363 infrastructure facilities were damaged.

At the Zaporozhye NPP revealed agent of the Armed Forceswho tried to transfer data about the station to Ukraine. The main task of the agent was covert filming of the station’s security systems.

Bloomberg told why winter threatens to turn around defeat for Ukraine.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine did not rule out extension of general mobilization in the country after February 19, 2023.

The fighters of the group “Brave” with the help of “Terminators” repelled the attack Ukrainian troops in the LPR. The blow was inflicted on the area where Ukrainian troops were concentrated in a forest plantation.

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