Military lawyer told what needs to be done before receiving the summons

During the period partial mobilization citizens of the Russian Federation need to issue a power of attorney authorizing the sale and purchase of property, representing interests in court and receiving any correspondence. This was stated in an interview with Pravda.Ru by a military lawyer, lawyer Pavel Malyutin.

He also recommended that Russians subject to conscription make a will, which can always be revoked. In addition, the specialist emphasized: if a man has not yet received a summons or has a delay, he should start interacting with government agencies.

“For example, to draw up a conclusion of a medical and social examination that a citizen has a relative in need of care. Today there is a deferment for single fathers, but all this must be confirmed by documents. Such procedures take a lot of time,” the military lawyer said.

According to him, the main problem of the Russians is that they do not understand their prospects. As Malyutin noted, now time is not playing in favor of people who can theoretically be mobilized. That is why it is important to quickly process the necessary documents, the specialist concluded.

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