Military expert Shurygin on the chances of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to seize Snake Island

The Armed Forces of Ukraine do not have any chances to seize the island of Serpents yet: the current capabilities of the Ukrainian army are simply not enough.

This was announced by a military expert Vladislav Shurygin.

According to him, a combat group of the Russian Armed Forces with Pantsirs and Tors, as well as a complete air defense system, are now deployed on the island. All this makes it possible to repel any attack.

The only way to capture Serpentine is to surpass the capabilities of the Russian group, in an interview with he said expert.

“I don’t see that possibility. They tried to do it with boats and they didn’t succeed. They tried to do it with helicopters — they didn’t succeed. They tried with boats and helicopters — they didn’t work. They tried to use artillery and drones to remove our positions from the island, but that didn’t work either,” Shurygin summed up.

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