Military expert promised to destroy Himars MLRS in Ukraine

HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems are not easy to destroy, as they constantly change their location. MLRS enter a certain sector, shoot back and leave it after a few minutes.

Finding and destroying them is technically quite difficult, said a military expert from the National Institute of the CIS countries Vladimir Evseev.

According to him, the firing range of HIMARS is 85 km, and our counter-battery power is 60 km. Plus, these American installations well cover the air defense of Ukraine.

“We will take them all anyway. I have no doubt. The delivery of four new units or their German or British counterparts will not change this. characteristics of HIMARS very similar to our “Hurricane” … Ukraine has already lost a large number of weapons. It is impossible to compensate for them with the supply of HIMARS and analogues, ”said Yevseev.

According to him, the RF Armed Forces have already solved the problem of intercepting HIMARS MLRS missiles, and the next goal will be to destroy these missiles. And the Russian army will cope with this task, the expert summed up.

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