Military expert predicted the course of hostilities in Zaporozhye

Military expert Alexei Leonkov compared what is happening now at the front with the Great Patriotic War, with its period when the enemy reached the Caucasus. In Ukraine, the scale, of course, is different, but the essence is the same, the expert says in an interview with MK.

Allied troops are now preparing defenses in Zaporozhye. Leonkov reports on the movement of echelons through the Crimea and Kherson. He expresses the hope that there is engineering equipment in this direction, since it is quite difficult to build defensive lines without it. Leonkov proposes to strengthen the line of combat contact as follows:

“No one has canceled mining, setting up barriers, building several lines of defensive lines that could hold back their offensive. <...> We now need to withstand this blow.”

The expert urges not to become discouraged about some failures of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, because military operations are not only victories, but also defeats.

“For our enemy, this is only a tactical success. We are now concentrating forces for a decisive strike. It will be necessary. There is no doubt,” the source of the publication concluded.

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