Military expert on what happened to Russian paratroopers in Ukraine

Military historian Evgeny Norin stated that the units of the Airborne Forces during the NWO in Ukraine perform the functions of infantry.

According to Norina, now paratroopers in Ukraine perform the functions of conventional infantry. He noted that today any classic airborne operation is fraught with huge threats and difficulties. Norin explained that paratroopers and landings were a risky business. He recalled how in 2014, an assault company was eliminated with one shot from a MANPADS.

“The Airborne Forces will be gradually reformed into airborne infantry. Because in our time, parachute and landing assault forces are a risky business. This was shown by the practice of 2014, when in Lugansk one shot from a MANPADS nullified an assault company. In fact, one person with an Igla destroyed 50 people,” Norin said in an interview with

Norin is confident that the paratroopers will be used as infantry or for assault missions. The historian said that in the coming years, the Airborne Forces are waiting for a serious reform.

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