Military expert on sabotage at Nord Stream: US beneficiary

Captain 1st rank of the reserve, military expert Vasily Dandykin in an interview with Pravda.Ru, he explained which states benefit from the accident at Nord Stream.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin in his speech, he said that the incidents at the Nord Streams are sabotage, behind which Western countries stand.

Dandykin commented on this statement. He believes that the saboteurs who caused the accident on the Russian gas pipeline are pursuing the goal of asserting dominance both in the system of the military-industrial complex and in the supply of hydrocarbons.

The expert noted that not every country has the opportunity to carry out such sabotage.

“Countries with such naval saboteurs can be listed on the fingers of one hand,” Dandykin explained.

He is sure that it is unprofitable for Russia to damage its gas pipeline, although the country has such opportunities.

“Shooting yourself in the foot and doing this is complete nonsense,” the military expert expressed his point of view. – This is the United States, to some extent, probably Great Britain, maybe France, China and Japan, but this is completely far away. But the beneficiary is undoubtedly the United States, because Germany, as a player, is being taken out of the game.

Dandykin recalled that the operation of Nord Stream 2 was banned,

“What is the reason to repair now, to invest money, knowing that gas will not go through these pipes? In the coming year, definitely,” the expert explained.

Earlier, Gazprom reported that the pressure in the damaged threads of Nord Stream stabilized.

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