Military Expert Allows Russia to Conduct Nuclear Tests Near US

military expert Vladimir Evseev commented to Pravda.Ru on NATO’s fears about Russia’s possible nuclear tests in the Black Sea.

“I believe that if an underground explosion is carried out, then it should be carried out near Florida, near the territory of the United States. This, from my point of view, makes some sense. And conducting nuclear tests near Ukraine is complete nonsense and nonsense. If we If we want to restrain someone, then it is clear that it is necessary to restrain not the Ukrainians, but the Americans,” Yevseev said.

He explained why it makes no sense to test nuclear weapons near Ukraine.

“Russia cannot prepare nuclear tests, because it does not have test sites around Ukraine. You can simply blow up a ready-made charge there, but this will harm the Russian Federation itself. Therefore, if Russia hypothetically conducts an act of intimidation, then it will conduct it against the United States,” the expert stressed.

Earlier, the British newspaper The Times reported that the North Atlantic Alliance had warned its allies about Russia’s plans to carry out nuclear tests on the borders with Ukraine.

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