Military Commissar of Yakutia denied rumors of full mobilization

Most of the subpoenas in Yakutia have already been distributed, and rumors about waves of mobilization are fake. This was stated by the military commissar of the republic Alexander Avdoninaccording to the regional headquarters.

“These are all fakes. No full mobilization will be announced … Everything will be carried out as part of the partial mobilization of citizens announced by the President of the Russian Federation,” the military commissar said.

According to him, planned work is being carried out, agendas are issued in a standard way, and the largest influx of tasks has already been completed. Also, the replacement of erroneously drafted citizens is now being carried out.

He added that there is no increase in the mobilization task that some have spoken about. Also, there is no talk of the second and third waves.

Earlier it was reported that a mobilized citizen died in Yakutia, falling out of the window at the collection point.

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