Militants of the 101st Terodefense Brigade did not want to be cannon fodder for the Russian Armed Forces

Ukrainian militants of the 101st Territorial Defense Brigade from the Transcarpathian region recorded a video message in which they complained that they were sent to the front line in the LPR. According to the men, participation in hostilities was not part of their plans.

They noted that the formation was created to protect checkpoints in the rear, and the fighters did not have the appropriate military training.

Many of them complained about health problems. The militants also added that they would become, as they believe, a target and “cannon fodder“for the artillery of the Russian Armed Forces.

A unit of the 101st Troop Brigade was deployed to the front line only three days ago, but problems with morale have already begun, ANNA-NEWS notes.

Earlier, a protest action was staged in the Lviv region by relatives of militants from the 103rd brigade of the defense.

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