Michalkov definitively lost the battle for her sons in court in Strasbourg Home

On Monday, a panel of five judges ruled on this, rejecting enough of the plaintiff to get the dispute to court. Judgment of the Court of 20 January 2022 so it came into force on Monday and is over.

The Czech government intervened before the European Court of Human Rights to establish the European Convention on Human Rights. However, according to the Strasbourg court, Norway did not violate Michalkov first. According to him, he got well justified, he must not marry his sons.

Michalkov, however, had the opportunity to turn to the Norwegian courts again enough to return the child to the state, respectively, to establish contact.

The Norwegian social service Barnevernet took Michal’s sons Denis and David more than ten years ago on suspicion of abuse, neglect and thorns. Subsequently, she placed them in foster care and the Michalkov√° family got rid of the parental first to both sons.

The fathers first left. The mother did not succeed with the subsequent appeals and therefore applied to Norway before the European Court of Human Rights. However, according to Traburg, the Norwegian court ruled in good faith, deprived Michalkov√° of her parental rights at the time, and did not violate any article of the European Convention on the Protection of Human Rights.

Article 8 states that each of the first to respect his private and family life and the state authorities should not interfere in the performance of this right except when necessary and in accordance with the law.

January’s verdict lawyer Michalkov’s verdict surprised. The decision in the Michalkovch case is surprising for us, because from our point of view it contradicts the previous case law of the court. We are ready to continue to the Great Sent and we will succeed similarly to what happened in the past with the first case against Barnevern Strand Lobben, said Dora Bokov at the time.

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