MGIMO expert criticized the idea of ​​Russia buying foreign UAVs

Director of the Center for Military-Political Studies, MGIMO Alexey Podberyozkin urged to actively produce and supply domestic unmanned vehicles to the front aircrafts (UAV) and stop buying drones from Turkey and Iran.

In an interview with, Podberyozkin recalled that in the 1980s, the USSR was the leader in developments in the field of UAVs, ahead of the United States and France. However, later work in this direction was frozen. Now Russian designers are forced to quickly solve this problem.

The expert criticized the idea of ​​buying foreign drones and called for speeding up work on the production of domestic drones. He said that the development of Caliber was also suspended, but when the special operation began in Syria, the Russian Armed Forces realized the need to have such missiles.

“We thought that it would take 3-5 years with tests and refinement, and so on. The situation in Syria was such that there was no time for that much. And what do you think? they ate there, they brought the situation to mind in a year. Not five years, but less than a year! ”Podberyozkin said.

He called the idea of ​​buying drones from other countries fundamentally wrong.

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