Meta is asked not to block the content of Ukrainian bloggers in social networks

The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine asked Meta to improve the moderation of Ukrainian content in order to avoid deleting and blocking Ukrainian bloggers on social networks.

According to Ukrinform, this was announced by Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov in Telegram.

“Today we wrote a letter to Nick Clegg (Meta President for Global Affairs – ed.) and asked to improve the quality of moderation. So that Ukrainian posts are no longer hidden, and accounts are not banned,” he wrote.

Fedorov noted that Meta helps Ukraine a lot. In particular, it blocks Russian propaganda resources, made a Ukrainian version of Facebook for iOS, and launched a training center for Ukrainian small and medium-sized businesses together with Diya.Business. In addition, the Ministry of Digital Development is waiting for the launch of the Ukrainian language in the Messenger application.

“Thanks to Meta and I hope that we will be able to change the company’s approaches and solve the problem of massive blocking of Ukrainian users,” the Deputy Prime Minister added.

According to Fedorov, he receives many messages from bloggers, the media community, activists and ordinary users about blocking posts and accounts on Facebook and Instagram. The Deputy Prime Minister added that the Ministry of Digital Development constantly communicates with the Meta Corporation, which even assigned a separate team for us to quickly respond to requests.

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In recent months, this team has helped unblock dozens of pages of public people, but “this is a temporary solution to the problem,” Fedorov said.

The head of the Digital Ministry recalled that he had a meeting in Brussels with Meta’s President for Global Policy Nick Clegg to discuss the launch of new product updates for Ukrainians and, of course, content moderation in Ukraine.

“We have a brutal war going on, so it’s unfair to moderate Ukrainian content according to peacetime rules. Social networks are created to tell the truth. Millions of Ukrainians have united since the first day of the war and act as a united information front. They spread news on social networks, collect money for the army , doctors and people who have lost everything. Every activist, blogger, volunteer uses his trust and reputation for a good cause,” Fedorov emphasized.

As Ukrinform reported, in May Fedorov discussed the opening of the company’s office in Ukraine with Nick Clegg, President of Meta’s Global Affairs, in May.

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